There are Super Powers bubbling and churning
deep in your "nonconscious" mind
Dear Friends,
If you are not fully experiencing them, you are not living the Super You.
You are living in the "Gap of Limitations." You might be progressing too slowly. You might feel frustrated about where you are. You might not know exactly what to do. Stress might be building up. Maybe you are disappointed at yourself or your life's circumstances. You see others getting theirs, and you wonder about yourself.
And that's all fine, because we have clear direction for you. We have a brand-new online video training to give you the fresh insights, step-by-step instruction, and motivation you need.
For seven days beginning Saturday, Paul R. Scheele will lead you through the first-ever video training called Super Powers, Super You. This is a free broadcast presented by Learning Strategies.
Paul will guide you to access your super powers to get out of your limitations and achieve your biggest and best goal.
You can watch all of these sessions on your computer or device with no tuition charge:
Saturday Session 1 - Abundance & Money
How to create prosperity consciousness
and greater financial abundance
Sunday Session 2 - Connection to Others / Relationships that Work
How to have personal and professional relationships
that work and satisfy

Monday Session 3 - Living Each Day Fully / Powerful Life Work
How to have power and effectiveness in everything you do
Tuesday Session 4 - Solid Skills & Great Habits
How to do what you intend to do
Wednesday Session 5 - Super Body
How to have great physical health and abundant energy
Thursday Session 6 - Super Emotions
How to have healthy emotions and supportive feelings
Friday Session 7 - Super Mind
How to get control over your mental images, self-talk, and self-sabotaging thoughts
That's Super Powers, Super You.
It's an amazing video training by the master of the genius mind, Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. All in seven video sessions.
These phenominal experts will be joining Paul:
Stewart Emery
Jack Canfield
Tom McCarthy
Bob Proctor
Bill Harris
Marci Shimoff
Lisa Nichols
Hale Dwoskin

What's keeping you from
your Super Powers?
Three Big Ugly Fears
that Paul will help pull from your life
Society forces three big fears on us, they act to suppress success, and now you can move beyond them. All free of charge. You simply need to show up for Paul's breakthrough training.
• The first fear is "I am unworthy, I am insufficient,
   I am not enough."
• The second fear is "If I screw up, I will be alone."
• The third is "I am unsafe, I can be harmed,
   I cannot trust others to support me."
As we hang on to these fears, we tend to look outside of ourselves for the validation of our worthiness, for the love we need to fill our emptiness, and the security that the world can provide. The anxieties rule and cement over our Super Powers so we don't use them.
It is often so hard to look inside of ourselves where our abundance and resources are.
Super Powers, Super You will turn this upside down for you. You already know you are filled with abundant capabilities and you will discover how you can use them to produce miraculous results.
Show up with your note pad. Show up ready to leap out of the Gap of Limitation. Show up ready to release your Super Powers. Show up to be the real Super You.
Paul Scheele, has never designed or delivered a training like this before. He has directed the brilliance he used to create the Paraliminals, PhotoReading, Geniuis Code, Memory Optimizer, and Future Mapping to create a training program to help with your own personal evolution.
What goal would you achieve if you knew you could not fail?!
Do you want to earn more? fall in love? have more energy? be more effective? achieve a breakthrough goal? get more from life?
Come to Super Powers, Super You with that goal or intention in mind. See it transformed within yourself during this very special training.
How does this work?
Register Now!
We'll then send you the access instructions.
** For seven days beginning Saturday, show up to a special webpage.
** Each day, for seven days a new session will be available.
** The program begins at 10:00 a.m. US Central Time. The sessions are on demand which means you can watch whenever you want during the period the session is available. Each session will be available for 24 hours.
Why would you want to participate?

Because you are tired of spending so much time living in the Gap of Limitations, spinning your wheels, wondering how to leap forward.
Because you want to fully use your inborn talents and gifts.
Because you want to create and live your dream life and not just think about it.
Because it is free!
Join us for Paul R. Scheele's Super Powers, Super You.
You have super powers beyond your wildest imagination, and when you gain access to those talents and gifts, you can create your life the way you choose to live it
The seven day event starts Saturday, at 10:00 a.m. US Central Time. Get your Free Pass now.
For your Super You,
Pete Bissonette
Pete Bissonette
Learning Strategies



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