Ann Wilson
Ann Wilson - best-selling Hay House author of The Wealth Chef, speaker, entrepreneur and financial empowerment activist - helps people all over the World master their money stuff.
Dedicated to inspiring, empowering and liberating people to create a positive relationship with money, Ann shows you how to give your money great leadership; squeeze more value from the money in your life; get out of debt; invest easily; and make your money work hard for you so you can live a great life now free of financial worries AND know with certainty that you will be able to stop working and not just survive but live a life you really love.
Ann is also financially free meaning she can choose to work or not and still live the lifestyle she chooses, free of money worries, indefinitely. But it wasn't always this way. Despite being "well educated" as a Civil Engineer, Ann was financially illiterate and found herself in a big money mess, with a pile of debt, a failed marriage due to money arguments and clueless as to how to keep and grow the money she made. Realising earning money and creating wealth were two very different things, and that "being great with money" is a learned skill Ann began her journey to turn her life from financial ruin to financial freedom which she did in just 8 years.
She has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Express, Psychologies, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Health, The Huffington Post among others and is regularly interviewed on radio and TV.



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