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Begins Monday, October 10, 2016 – Absolutely free of charge today!

New Peaks Family & Friends,
 Are you tired of being short on cash?
 Is your memory getting weaker?
 Are you fed up with bad luck? Do you
      want to attract more positive outcomes?
 Does anxiety trouble you?
 Do you wish you had better instincts?
 Is stress getting to you? Are pains slowing you down?
 Are you finally ready to be at your ideal weight!?
You are one click away from getting a FREE PASS to a life-altering online event that will help you vaporize these problems with mind tools that really work.
Welcome to the Ultimate You Mindfest
This free online event features a highly effective resource for creating lasting change! Paul Scheele's "Paraliminal" recordings have helped hundreds of thousands from all over the world create immediate and meaningful changes in their lives – in just 20 minutes a day!
During the Ultimate You Mindfest!, you’ll have free access to 15 audio sessions, including exclusive coaching sessions, to help rid you of the obstacles of life and help you maximize your full potential.
Get your Free Pass today you can listen to each audio session with no commercials, no obligation -- nothing to get in the way of your success! The Ultimate You Mindfest is created to help you:
Stimulate the proven power of YOUR
genius "inner" mind to make effort-free
changes beginning Monday, October 10
Your host, Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., knows how the human mind works. He has devoted the last 40 years to understanding just how to get quick and lasting results in your quest to live a great life, to be the ultimate you. And he is turning his attention to you.
Each day of the Ultimate You Mindfest you will receive 20 to 40 minutes of radical mentoring and breakthrough coaching. You'll get practical tips, techniques, and insights that you can use right away in your life. The advice will be immediate and practical.
Then you will listen to your new secret weapon: an unmatched audio technology that can literally guide your brain to bring you:
More Money • A Great Memory • Fearless Living • The Midas Touch
• Gut Instinct • Perfect Health • Your Ideal Weight
All you will have to do is push play, close your eyes, relax, and listen to one of the eight "Paraliminal" sessions featured during the
Ultimate You Mindfest.
It is really that simple. Just think of what you want, and drift into a peaceful world of relaxing music, nature sounds, and words. Your mind will immediately – and gently – begin learning how to serve you best.
When you listen with headphones, you will hear a voice in each ear speaking to different parts of your brain so that you learn on a very deep level how to do things differently – more successfully – in your life.
Special "Holosync" audio tones from Centerpointe Research Institute are embedded in the recordings so that you automatically enter the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning, making the Paraliminal experience even more effective than ever.
Paraliminals are indeed unusual, and you will find them safe, quite pleasurable, and very effective as over 600,000 people already know.

Comments from the Ultimate You Mindfest
I keep going over and over them to keep learning. And the more I learn the more powerful they become.
Brilliant stuff. I'm using the Paraliminals every day. The most effective personal development product I've ever come across, and they work immediately. Thank you.
The Programs were wonderful and helped me to think better, and make me feel a little better about myself. Due to extreme financial difficulties I have been in a very bad mood as I have not been able to see any light at the end of the tunnel. The program helped to lift me out of the depressive state I have been in and have given me a more self confidence.

Here's what is in store for you beginning October 10:
Day 1 – Make More Money
Clear away blocks to having plenty of money
Two audio sessions
Monday, October 10, 2016
Life requires money. And while money doesn't buy happiness, it certainly helps, so we will begin the Ultimate You Mindfest helping you get more of it.
You will learn to develop an abundant money mindset. You will move beyond limitations to create a happier, healthier, and wealthier money life. These sessions will help you clear away blocks, fears, and hang-ups you have about money so you can attract and receive more of it.
Day 2 – Sharpen Your Memory
Vaporize uncertainty
and forgetfulness
Two new audio sessions
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Good memory is like the tightly tied shoelaces of your favorite shoes. You'll lose your footing in life without it.
In these two sessions you will improve your memory and sharpen your ability to remember facts, principles, theories, and the details of day-to-day living. You will develop your ability to concentrate on reading or dialogue, remember what you read, hear, and see, and hone your ability to use your brain…even as you age.
Day 3 – Attract What
You Want
Turn the Law of Attraction toward your success
Two new audio sessions
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Today you will learn to align with universal laws to effortlessly create results that mirror your goals and dreams.
The Law of Attraction states that you attract whatever is similar in vibration. You become what you think about, talk about, attend to, and feel deeply about, because your thoughts are energy and will attract the same kind of energy to you.
You will explore how raising your physical energy brings greater health and well-being… Increasing the vibration of your emotional energy brings greater peace, joy, and love... And, raising your mental energy creates more expansive success, wisdom, and spiritual growth.
Day 4 – Be Free of Anxiety
Be fearless, strong,
and successful
Two new audio sessions
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Today you will learn to be free from the emotional bondage of anxiety so that you can smoothly deal with challenges and live life to the fullest.
You will learn how to reduce anxiety and eliminate uncomfortable feelings of fear, whether the fear of flying... being in front of people... pressure... failure... success... being alone... rejection. Or anxiety about your job, family, relationships, finances, or any other aspect of your life. Most any fear can be controlled; no longer will anxiety control you.
Day 5 – Kick-up Your Instincts
Use your intuition like a psychic
Two new audio sessions
Friday, October 14, 2016
Intuition is more than a hunch. It's a powerful, useful, natural gift that can lead you to better decisions, healthier living, richer experiences, and more fulfilling relationships.
Today you will learn to improve intuition by opening the channels to your inner knowing with great clarity and trust, allowing it to guide your choices and actions.
Even if you have never had an intuitive thought, feeling, or insight, you can learn to use the vast amount of information and perceptions normally hidden from your everyday awareness.
Day 6 – Improve Your Health
Reduce stress and
eradicate sickness
Two new audio sessions
Saturday, October 15, 2016 and Bonus Sunday, October 16, 2016
What good is life without perfect health?
In these final two sessions of the Ultimate You Mindfest you will use your mind to positively affect your immune system, tolerance for pain, recovery from illness or injury, and level of health.
You will explore thinking in terms of wellness instead of sickness. Don't immediately decide you are getting a cold, just because you feel scratchiness in the throat. Look at it as a signal that your body needs help to maintain health. Today you will learn to direct your mind to be your most powerful ally in having perfect health.
These six days can incite a welcomed
personal revolution
bringing you more success and happiness

… when you get your Free Pass today

Your sessions will be delivered to you through the Internet over six days in October beginning on Monday, October 10, so mark your calendar today. All of the sessions are free of charge and free of commercials. When you get your Free Pass all of the details will be sent to you by email.
Can't make all of the sessions?
Don't worry. Simply do what you can. While the Ultimate You Mindfest is carefully designed to bring you through a powerful 6-day training, each day is also designed as a stand-alone workshop. This means you can get immediate benefit that you will notice in both your personal life and your career even if you do just one of the sessions.
You'll also be given the opportunity to purchase recordings of all the Ultimate You Mindfest sessions for your own personal library.

A few more comments from the Ultimate You Mindfest
Thanks for making the world a better place to live.
Thank you for creating this opportunity for self growth. I am grateful.
Well presented and in such a way always looking forward to the next day.
I am so grateful for being able to experience this program without having to pay for it as I would never have paid for it before listening to it. I now recommend it to others and think it should be part of school education. Thank you so much for the benefit it has brought to me.
I have a lot of experience with personal growth programs and mind-body techniques; this was one of the few that I eagerly looked forward to each session and Paraliminal.

There's more!

You get to reach and maintain
your Ideal Weight
One of the most popular Paraliminals is Ideal Weight, and you will have free access to it every single day of the Ultimate You Mindfest.
You will lose weight because of this fact:
All bodies, including yours, give natural signals that say when to start eating, when to stop eating, and which foods to eat. For some reason, people who are overweight are either unable to notice these signals or unable to respond to them.
Listening to Ideal Weight will help you discover these signals, respond to them, and lose weight.
We recommend listening to Ideal Weight every day during the Ultimate You Mindfest. It will take only 20 minutes, and you'll find the pounds melting away by the end of the week.

Here's more of what folks wrote about the Ultimate You Mindfest
An excellent program. Thank you for sharing it with me the rest of the world. I am sure I have benefited much from it. Many thanks.
The coaching information was very rich, especially the abundance and spiritual enrichment ones. Thanks again.
Understandable, do-able, practical, empowering, wonderful support & follow up support. I believe you actually, really care about me as an individual as well as helping me grow & expand with ease, grace, & glory. Thank you!
I believe you've done a great job. I'll enjoy listening to the audios and applying the contents in my daily life. Thank you!
I enjoyed it much that I recommended to my close friends. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to listen to this online course.

Be sure to tell your inner circle
about the Ultimate You Mindfest

Tens of millions of people constantly seek help to create a better life just like you. Don't keep the Ultimate You Mindfest a secret! Please tell others so they, too, can live a better life.
Learning Strategies can handle four million participants, they'll be room for everyone. All sessions are free of charge with no obligation whatsoever.
This Learning Strategies virtual event is presented by New Peaks Training. We've partnered to bring you the very best resources to create lasting and effortless change in your life. We each bring 20+ years of experience in transforming lives and helping people just like you achieve massive results in their business, health, inner game and more.
Help us help everyone experience their ultimate self!
From my heart,
Pete Bissonette
Adam Markel
P.S. – Did you catch their last Ultimate You Mindfest? Or did you miss it? You certainly don't want to miss this one!
This Mindfest will help you become mentally alert, eliminate procrastination, vaporize negative self-talk and self-sabotage, believe in yourself, hardwire inner drive and amazing self-discipline, remove the negative influences of others, and open the flow of prosperity. Very powerful!
Here's what participants said on their Facebook page:
Naleen Bostrom The coaching made the paraliminals so much easier to slide into and absorb, providing a basis to focus on while using them. Amazing products! What you've provided is priceless, and I thank you.

Haikaa Yamamoto Your voice has a soothing effect on my mind and the stereo audio tracks were very involving. I'm an artist "passionate" about accessing "the other 90%" and I'm really looking forward to completing this program. Thank you :)

Linda Oosthuizen Lourens The experience has been great. I bought some of the paraliminals years ago but having the coaching sessions available to go with them has made me understand better how to use them. It would be great if the whole Mindfest could be extended by a week. I would love to listen to the coaching sessions again. Thanks Paul Scheele and the team.

Kurt Gielen I was a bit sceptic in the beginning but after 5 days I can say I am truly enjoying this Mindfest. Thank you.

Cait Stringer I gave up smoking 6 years ago using Paraliminals and now as soon as I hear Paul Scheele speak I go into "trance state"! :-) Really enjoying the course.

Dolores Hagen Love the beautiful tone of relaxing and energizing! The idea of making the results intended more important than how to get there was an aha! moment for me.

Geraldine Pape Hi Paul, Hi Pete, THANK YOU very much for these wonderful sessions - as all you created ! I just finished to listen to the 2 last sessions and it was very interesting to hear the way Paul explains "Prosperity". I am feeling very still and relaxed ! Have a nice Sunday. Kind regards, Geraldine

June Klasen I truely enjoyed each & every session It was wonderful                                                             

Ruth Elaine Kleiber Wow . . . this is powerful stuff! Thanks to my friend, Nancy Miller, for inviting me to participate in this incredible experience ♥

Karolyn Tredeau Paul Scheele rocks! So gratefl that he has made this training available to everyone.

Steve Andersen Paul clearly articulates the art of discipline. A slight change in understanding of this process can make a huge difference in our achievements.

Per Christian Frankplads If you have any interest in developing your mind and abilities, you must check out the free online event "Ultimate You Mindfest 2012" with Paul R. Scheele.

Scheele is a legend in the field of personal development and NLP, and these free audio sessions (including paraliminals) are only available until 25th of June, so listen to them before then.

Lora Dunn Enjoying Mindfest so much...Paul distills information into accessible bites that produce more "aha's" than years of therapy! His vocal delivery is so pleasant and personable, and you can hear the smile in his voice. Thanks, Paul and Pete!

Dany Dino Thanks very much it was wonderful today....I like it very very much......♥ ♥                                 

Marita Steffe Wonderful program, I love the paraliminal audio, it's very trippy, Paul's voice is very soothing

Lynda Lemar I've been buying sessions like these for many years and I recommend them strongly! They helped me succeed in college at the age of 40; when I hadn't been in any school for many years. That's just one of the successes I've experienced with these subliminals from Learning Strategies! These work..and I'm enjoying these now on the Mindfest! Great name by the way! You really do achieve the Ultimate YOU!!

Meira Eliot This should be built in to all learning programs! This inspires me as a teacher and as a writer

Scott Douglas Mr. Scheele's voice "disappears" and I feel GREAT ie ... never so relaxed and uplifted. A very fine tune-up of all that is good for me and I recommend this series to anyone ... Amazing!

Darlene Di Ramos WOW!!! that was relaxing and really refreashing to my well being =). Thank You for existing and taking your time to care for others. I really appreciate ♥

Mario Triballi This is simply Brilliantly easy way to get whatever you want of life! It is explained fully and completely in a clear English voice! Thank you very much Paul!

Joanne Martinez Just experienced paraliminals for the first time, felt good. Reminded me of my first ever meditation session in Catholic School :-) peaceful, energizing

Ellen Kahn One of the most amazing, refreshing quick meditations that I have ever experienced. I love them and look forward to ordering more. I feel calm, refreshed and yet very energized.

Plus, 3,281 participants took time to write them away from Facebook. Here’s a smattering of what they said:
I am very much enjoying the technology and the training. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear and that proved to be the case here. Thanks for producing excellent content.
I was hooked after the procrastination Paraliminal. I cleaned the top of my dresser which has been a huge pile forever. (I found debris and receipts at the bottom from 2003!) and it was not such a dreadful chore but almost fun because I knew how good I would feel after. If I never listen to a cd it was worth $100 to see the top of my dresser and to sleep in a clean bedroom again. Thank you!
Great voice. Soothing. Believable. Inspirational. Comforting.
The Mindfest was a great opportunity. I think it gave me a lot of inputs to conquering procrastination and becoming the ultimate me :)
Yes....your audios are extraordinarily powerful and I wanted more and more......I wanted one to simply relax to the fullest.... I love them! I am confident that I will be able to afford other of his works in the future.......I would love to participate again! Thank you so much!
I am glad I found your program and look forward to attending more that you offer. Your work is enlightening and truly is making a difference in my life and my friends thank you very much for your wisdom and time.
Thank you for this series, it is very helpfull to learn about human behavior
Thank you times a million!!
Ultimate You Mindfest was a spectacular event! I would recommend it to anyone interested in personal development.
Thank you; it was very inspiring.
Paul Scheele is excellent at simplifying how we act and react as humans, and giving us better and more efficient ways to deal with everyday life.
I would just like to say that i have really inproved on my procrastination so much that my husband has commented on it.
Do it again!
Wonderful and well-done,loved his voice and his approach.
I love the Paraliminals.

It is very good to be taken out of the loud, noisy, demanding world of everyday to a state of purity and infinity.
Thanks for this wonderful tool. Don't ever stop developing and improving it! The unconcious mind is so powerful and tools to help us use it are very important and useful. Thanks again.
I found this more helpful than other programs I've listened to. The Paraliminals were really good. I felt energized and positive about achieving my goals after listening to them. I liked the baby step approach with help in getting charged up, believing, eliminating procrastination and feeling better about myself. I felt strengthen in a positive way. Thank you, Paul!
I'm glad I found you.
Thank you very much for this great gift.



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