His story amazes everyone who reads it…
In 1952, at age 42, a wealthy New York physicist and entrepreneur was sent home to die.
His body was riddled with disease and he had less than two weeks to live.
Confounded by his condition, he decided to "figure out" how to cure himself.
A short time later, that man, Lester Levenson, discovered something so transformative that he rid himself of all his physical problems and entered a state of profound peace that never left him through the day he died on January 18, 1994 ... an amazing 42 years later.
What Lester discovered is being passed on to you
…as a gift
You won't have to buy a thing to get the gift. It's our pleasure to give it away beginning six days in November.
Hello, my friend...
Hale Dwoskin...and welcome to a world filled with joy, abundance and an inner peace you may not have known exists.
My name is Hale Dwoskin. To introduce you to that world, I have to tell you about my friend Lester Levenson—the man who was told he had just two weeks to live. Lester Levenson changed my life, and my gift to you is his single greatest discovery. A discovery that will literally liberate you to have a life you could not have previously imagined.
Lester had already had two massive coronaries by the age of only 42. His doctors looked at him solemnly and told him straight out, "Your heart is weak and frail and you're going to die SOON. Get your affairs in order."
Lester LevensonLester was a successful businessman, but by training was also a physicist-engineer. He thought to himself, "If I'm going to die, I'm going to die at peace." This was the impetus of a discovery that gave Lester not a few more weeks of life, but, from that day, forty-two more years of a highly-productive, healthy, peaceful and joyous life.
It is said that the teacher will appear when the student is ready. So you must be ready for his remarkable lesson...
Are you ready for this to be your world?
This is a world of happiness and peace of mind ... of financial freedom ... of health so vital it's bursting out of you ... of loving relationships ... of enjoying life ... of joy that is there for no reason except that you are alive and aware.
Are you interested in a simple technique that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have used to...
  • say goodbye to fear, stress and anxiety—even panic attacks.
  • release anger problems.
  • create lasting wealth and abundance.
  • lose even long-standing depression.
  • get rid of chronic physical pain.
  • kick addictions... Lose weight... Stop smoking.
  • remove subconscious blocks to having the life you desire.
Harvard professors and distinguished
psychiatrists marvel at it

Dr. Richard J. Davidson of the State University of New York in collaboration with Dr. David C. McClelland of the Department of Social Relations at Harvard University conducted research using the technique that Lester discovered. They put participants into high stress situations and then measured the results. The control group that used the secrets of The Sedona Method showed an astonishing 360% improvement in heart rate over those not using it.
Dr. Shelley Uram, a well-known psychiatrist, writes: "I was astounded to find how quickly this deceptively simple technique could affect some of the same realizations and changes in my sense of well-being that would have taken psychoanalysis much, much longer to accomplish."
Lester has bequeathed his method to me. I bequeath it to you. We call it The Sedona Method, and we will be streaming six audio sessions from The Sedona Method self-study course free for you beginning November 28 in the ReleasingFest, hosted by Learning Strategies.
We live in the real world, with real problems ...
and, thank goodness, real solutions
The secret to the Method isn't complicated. One of its key benefits is its simplicity! So how DO you get at it and use it? I'll name it here, in five words:
Your natural ability to release.
This is what happened to Lester...
Since he was going to die, Lester decided to "release"—or let go of—every anxiety, troubling memory, disapproval of himself, being the victim to what others thought of him, his feeling out of control of his mind and his life, his feelings of being unimportant, his feelings of loneliness—and every other feeling that could cause anxiety, tension or stress.
For three months straight, Lester sat and released, and released, and released—relieving himself of every feeling, both good and bad, until he found a profound "centeredness" that left him with such a profound internal peace that just being in his company was a wondrous experience. That's how I met Lester.
The first time I met Lester I was sitting at a table with several other people when I noticed this man who emanated an aura of peace and serenity—a calmness completely foreign to me at the time.
I was a New Yorker of the fullest magnitude. High strung, stressed out, never getting or having enough, full of negative self-talk (more on that later), desperately seeking answers and busy, busy, busy. Lester gazed over at me at one point and I felt this peace wash over me. He smiled a little half smile at me, a mere acknowledgement of the best side of me. I was a total stranger to him and yet it felt as though he were an old friend I'd known for a very long time. Wow. What a trip.
I kind of nodded back, but felt all this conflict.
Humans can't connect like this, can they?
Imagine a world where everyone who meets you wants to be your friend. Where you spot the very best in people and something in YOU brings that out of them. Others are drawn to you just because of the natural "vibe" you give off. You know what I'm saying.

Ever meet someone and you just think to yourself: "Wow, that person has such great energy!" Being a New Yorker, I flat out asked Lester: "You seem like you're really at peace, what's your secret?" He half smiled again and said he would be glad to share his secret with me in a class that was starting the very next weekend. All he said was, "You spend four days releasing."
What the heck did that mean?
I had no idea what he was talking about, but I felt that if this process of "releasing" could give me even a little of what he was obviously experiencing, I wanted that as soon as possible. I was a little nervous, but I made it a point to arrange my life to do the four days.
I was amazed when I took the class that very next weekend how quickly all the chains that were holding me back simply dropped away. Life-long troubles dissolved, tremendous internal conflict began to ebb away. Abundance began rushing into my life. But more importantly, I was given the tools for how to build a life filled with peace, grace, abundance and yes, joy—pure joy.
Is pure joy even possible?
Before I discovered Lester's techniques, I had known few, if any, fleeting moments of joy. Now I can experience joy any time I want. I can be doing my morning workout and just taking in the view from my workout room, and feel joy and peace wash over me. I can be looking at you, seeing your very best side and just rejoice in your personal greatness.
We all have personal greatness and joy within us. We just have to release the chains that bind it. I was so amazed after even the first four days at the "releasing" event that right then and there I knew, with absolute certainty, that sharing and teaching Lester's secret was my life-long destiny. Now over three decades later, I have never wavered.
The secret unfolds
What Lester discovered in his early days while facing death has now become a method of improving every aspect of your life. This method, simple as can be, is respected and used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, including some of the most recognized authorities in the field of self-development like Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, John Gray of Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus, and Paul Scheele, creator of PhotoReading and the Paraliminals.
This method will give you unique abilities to rid yourself of every negative and destructive emotion you've had throughout your life. Yes, a lifetime of anxiety, unrest, self-criticism and bad habits can simply be "released" from your being, giving you great peace, joy and abundance. Yes, abundance.
How does all this give me abundance?
Abundance is part of the natural design of life. You're the one that gets in the way of having more and enjoying it.
Picture your mind like a computer for a moment. And this computer is constantly making billions of calculations. It's busy, busy, busy. Stanford studies have concluded that 90% of all self-talk is negative. 90% of what you are saying to yourself, inside your own mind, is self-critical. "Why can't I be better at this? I wish I looked better. I'm too fat-thin-tall-short...Why do I always have such bad luck? I'm not making enough money. Why can't I find true love? Why can't I be rich like others?"—and so on...

Pure anxiety.
Other methods of mental manipulation teach you to interrupt these patterns and try to replace them with new patterns. But what I've found is that they will then manifest somewhere else. Any thought you simply "cover up" or suppress will manifest somewhere else and it will be destructive when it does. Using these other techniques will simply make the negative impressions show up in other areas of your life.
The Sedona Method is just so simple. You simply "release" these negative thoughts and feelings wherever they arise, whenever they arise. And by doing all this you create the space for you to manifest and be present for abundance in your life. You’ll get to learn The Sedona Method in the ReleasingFest—get your Free Pass here and we’ll send you instructions for listening to the six audio sessions, free online.
Have you seen or read "The Secret"?
The SecretI am one of the 24 original Secret teachers featured in the book and DVD. From Oprah to Entertainment Tonight, The Secret became one of the fastest selling DVDs in history. It was on the New York Times bestseller list for years.
Get this, more than one third of the authors of The Secret use The Sedona Method. Some call it "the secret to mastering The Secret." They've discovered The Sedona Method's power and ability to help you manifest abundance in your life by easily ridding yourself of negative and disempowering thoughts and feelings.
That's the missing ingredient in The Secret. The Secret talks of the law of attraction—that every thought manifests some reality of like vibration. So if 90% of your thoughts and feelings are negative, that's why most of us do not live the life we desire. When you combine The Secret with The Sedona Method, which helps you rid yourself of all your negative thoughts and emotions, you get the most powerful combination of factors to help you manifest abundance in your life.
Otherwise, all this self-talk can be very unhealthy for you. Destructive even. Not just on a financial and emotional level, but even on a health level. Disease is caused by dis-ease—a lack of ease in your being. Certainly, one of the causes can be all this negative self-talk—all these "programs" running wildly in your brain. Think about it, 90% unhealthy activity going on in your brain influencing and poisoning every cell in your body, this can't be good for you...
You say my cells are poisoned?
Do you know how much power over your life your thoughts and feelings really have?
A study was conducted in which scientists froze two bottles of water. On one, the scientists put the label: "I hate you, die." On the other they wrote, "I love you, you are pure love." They then looked at the water under a microscope. The scientists conducting the experiment stepped back in awe. They then looked up close again.
What they saw was that the water that was marked "I hate you, die" had actually changed its molecular structure to dark, yellowish circles.
The water looked diseased and nasty.
Now get this. The water that was labeled "I love you, you are pure love" looked like beautiful snowflakes.
The molecular structure of the water had transformed into large white patterns of crystalline beauty—astonishing, breathtaking patterns and shapes of beauty.
So imagine what all this self-talk, running all the time—90% negative—does to your health, your molecular structure, your skin, bones, organs, blood and so on. And to your ability to attract all the right things into your life.
So how in the world do I get rid
of all the negativity in my life?
Okay, here's where it gets so simple, a part of you will not believe it. And when I first heard this from Lester, I thought to myself, "It just can't be that easy." So what do you do with all this negativity running in your head and messing up your life?
You simply acknowledge it and release it. That's all. You will personally experience its simplicity in the ReleasingFest. You’ll get to try the method at no cost or obligation beginning on November 28.
In addition to being a successful businessman, Lester was a physicist-engineer by training. He understood that "anything you resist, persists." That "whatever you focus on expands."
Psychotherapy can take years and years. I've mentioned the other techniques that teach you to interrupt negative patterns in which you try to force yourself to think, feel and act more positively. This is like trying to do a Ninja mind trick, putting even more busy programs to work in your mind, creating layer upon layer of noise in your already over-active and tired mind.
What about drugs? Drugs numb the noise level of the programs playing in your brain, but the programs are still there and still running. They're not gone, they're still messing with you—just with less noise.
There's a MUCH better way. Lester discovered that all that is not necessary. All Lester did was welcome in the noise, which right there quieted it, and then he released it.
A case study, something practical
A couple of times a year I do retreats where you spend six days releasing and releasing and releasing. It’s an unbelievable experience, and perhaps after learning The Sedona Method in the ReleasingFest you will join me in a retreat.
Recently, a man came to one of our programs because he was always in emotional turmoil. He had become financially successful, but he was never happy, experienced joy only occasionally, and felt like his life was never good enough. Baggage, my friends. All baggage that can be "released."
We helped him release on three levels: wealth, health, and relationships—and his life began to transform.
Within the first month he experienced four days of pure joy. Where he was just grateful to be alive. (He admitted that he had probably only had four days of pure joy in the entire rest of his life.)
Abundance poured into his life from so many sources he marveled at his entire life.

Here's another quick, but potent example: A 45-year-old woman learned to release through the audio program that you will hear free during the ReleasingFest.
She had struggled with anxiety and depression since she was a teenager despite constant medication.
She gave the Method a try and was amazed when after just 6 weeks she was no longer feeling either, enabling her doctor to greatly reduce her medication.
But that was just the beginning. She also let go of her addiction to ice cream and lost enough weight to go down two dress sizes. Plus, she healed her relationship with her estranged teenage son. They were finally speaking again.
Another woman had been owed $45,000.00 from a family member for over 20 years and she was still quite upset about it. She decided to release her feelings of betrayal and disappointment about not getting her money back just so she could feel better. She felt this long-held weight in her body and mind just dissolve, took no further action, and forgot about the whole thing.
A week later she received a check in the mail for the whole amount from this person. It was dated the same day that she had released her feelings about the situation.
Tell me more about health and abundance
I think you can already see, feel and experience how The Sedona Method can help you be healthier. As you do more and more releasing, you rid yourself of more and more of those negative programs running in your mind—each one poisoning your cells.
And abundance. That is your God-given right. The Sedona Method gets you out of your own way and allows abundance to pour into your life. Again, this might sound like some New Agey gobbledygook, but I assure you, it's simple physics. Watch this 50-second video.
Lester gave away all his wealth
After Lester spent three months releasing all his baggage, he found that he could manifest anything he needed. He had rid himself of so much of the crap (yes, crap) that gets in the way of living in abundance that he became almost like a powerful electromagnet able to attract or manifest anything he wanted.
He had tapped into something extraordinary and was now able to draw from it anything he wanted in his life. Lester put his ideas to the test fifty years ago, before any of the infomercials touted the idea of no-money down. Lester was able to buy large apartment buildings without spending a dime of his own money. He amassed a sizable fortune and, because he knew he could easily recreate it, he then simply gave it all away. Manifestation is easy when your mind is clear of the thousands of negative programs constantly running in your brain.
When you can rid yourself of all the baggage, you have power you cannot imagine. You can also have joy you cannot imagine.
Here is your Daily Schedule
Day 1 – November 28, 2016
Four Ways of Letting Go
Two audio sessions,including the Letting Go Paraliminal
PLUS – a brand new Release-A-Day audio!


Day 2 – November 29, 2016
Dissolving Problems / Figuring Things Out
Two audio sessions, including the Letting Go Paraliminal
PLUS – a brand new Release-A-Day audio!


Day 3 – November 30, 2016
Fear, Lust, Anger, Courage,
Acceptance, Peace

Two audio sessions, including the Letting Go Paraliminal
PLUS – a brand new Release-A-Day audio!


Day 4 – December 1, 2016
Wanting to Change Something
Two audio sessions, including the Letting Go Paraliminal
PLUS – a brand new Release-A-Day audio!


Day 5 – December 2, 2016
Seeking Control / Seeking Approval
Two audio sessions, including the Letting Go Paraliminal
PLUS – a brand new Release-A-Day audio!


Day 6 – December 3, 2016
Unruffled Calm
One audio session
Letting Go, The Movie
One video session
PLUS – a brand new Release-A-Day audio!

Get your Free Pass today and let in
abundance, peace, love, and joy

I know you will be more successful.
I know you will be far, far less stressed.
I know you will be on your way to bubbling good health and well-being.
I know you will be on your way to more rewarding relationships.
You are infinitely capable, and I am so happy to be able to give you a Free Pass to the ReleasingFest, hosted by Learning Strategies.
Warmest regards,
Hale Dwoskin
Hale Dwoskin
President, Sedona Training Associates
P.S. Here are stories from others who have used The Sedona Method. Let’s first look at those with significant health gains.
* Richard Preston of Boston writes us: "I have no more cravings of alcohol and drugs, which for the last 15 years have run my life."
* L.B. of Los Angeles writes us: "The most beautiful gain of all, and this one I can hardly write, it brings me so much joy—I feel I am finally free of the cervical cancer that threatened my ability to choose whether to have children or not."
* Royette Monroe of Los Angeles writes us: "I am happy to tell you that I have made the biggest gain so far. At last, I have finally quit smoking—something that I felt only a miracle would accomplish."
* J. Kiltoff, Lacy, WA writes us: "After years of suffering through bouts of depression sometimes lasting weeks to a month, my life has improved seemingly overnight. The Sedona Method has stabilized my moods far better than drugs. I can't believe how much better I feel about life in general."
I'm certainly not suggesting that you have a problem with smoking or tranquilizers. But I'm quite, quite confident in telling you that you, too, will feel better than you've felt for many years. (Everybody who uses The Sedona Method does.)
* A graduate from Half Moon Bay, CA writes us: "I have released a perpetual knot in my stomach. It has helped me to overcome panic attacks. It has cured my fear of driving over bridges."
* John L. Kemeny, M.D., of the Columbia University Medical School, writes us: "I consider The Sedona Method to be the best contribution to preventive medicine that I have seen in my twenty-five years of interest in the field. I am amazed at the simplicity of the training and its effectiveness."
You'll gain a competitive edge. You'll take the initiative, and win, in business.
* "And I honestly believe that it is no coincidence that half way through your sessions I enjoyed a "miracle" that made me a millionaire overnight—literally." Robert Dial, Tampa, FL
You'll bask in calmness and clarity, on a level you never dreamed possible. You'll handle whatever life throws at you smoothly and with supreme confidence.
* James Wanner writes us: "The most significant gain is that I have had long-standing anxiety and guilt complexes (for which I had tried psychotherapy, medication, meditation and hypnosis) clear up. Some of these have been with me for 20 years."
You'll have the kind of energy you had when you were young and carefree ... energy for sports, for life, for love.
* David Dale of British Columbia writes us: "My productivity and focus in work has increased 200 percent. I have gotten more done over the last four weeks than I have in the previous four months. I am feeling in control in my working relationships. Interesting and exciting opportunities are also taking shape."
You will have the kind of relationships you have always wanted... open, honest and direct and yes, even loving with those you are close to.
* Susan McClure of WA writes: "I now experience more love and harmony in my relationship with my husband. He once said he had no experience with things getting better, they always seemed to get worse. He's now incredibly grateful for the wonderful relationship we have."
You will truly begin to master life in every sense of that powerful word. You will release yourself from obstacles that most people don't know how to overcome. You will possess that miraculous combination of inner peace and positive control.
* Louis Ormont, Ph.D., of the Psychology Department of Adelphi University, writes us: "I have looked into other methods of stress management before finding The Sedona Method, but have not discovered anything else so simple, powerful, and rapidly effective. The most appealing features of the Method for me are the absence of an imposed belief system and the fact that people can use it completely on their own with great success."
Did you notice those two words "rapidly effective" in Dr. Ormont's comment?
That's a major key! You won't have to wait for months or years to see results. We're in the 21st century, and you want results now. And you will get them.

I haven't yet mentioned that Sandy Gabin of New York tells us she lost 90 unwanted pounds. I haven't yet mentioned that Rosella Schroeder of Dubuque tells us that after years of being unable to sleep all night, she now is able to get a good night's sleep. I haven't yet mentioned that Kay O'Connor of New York increased her real estate commissions by well over $100,000 a year. And these are just a handful of the ... well ... let's call them testimonials that pour in.
No one can live your life for you.
Ultimately you're the one in charge. You're the decision-maker. You're the person who decides whether to continue as things are or do the ReleasingFest that will skyrocket you up the ladder.
If you think to yourself, "Well, he's right in one respect: What do I have to lose?" ... and get your Free Pass today. I’m sure spectacular results will be on your horizon. The Sedona Method has worked for others. It will work for you.



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