How to Choose a Dissertation Topic in Education

A dissertation (also known as a thesis) is usually the final assignment of a Master’s or PhD program. It allows students to present their findings in response to a question or an issue that they choose themselves.

Like any other dissertation, an education dissertation aims to test the independent research and analysis skills students acquire in the university. A dissertation assessment contributes to a student’s final grade, and apart from routine supervision, it is a largely independent endeavor.

However, choosing a dissertation topic in education can be pretty tedious. Hence, this article will walk you through the best topic ideas and explain how to choose a dissertation topic in education.

How long is a dissertation in education?

A dissertation will be the toughest, most time-consuming, and essential assignment completed at the university for many students. It requires months of preparation and hard work; however, it can also be very enlightening, especially if it’s a topic you’re passionate about.

On average, dissertations are very long academic papers. Most dissertations are about 150 to 200 pages in length or longer. This amount can vary because of the country or study level. Approximately, it is around 11,000-15,000 words at the undergraduate level, 18,000-25,000 words at the master’s level, and more than 50,000 words at the PhD level.

Due to the intensive nature of dissertation writing and research, students have to plan their research analysis and methodology methods well in advance. They also depend significantly on the support of research mentors or supervisors throughout the process.

How to choose a dissertation topic in education

Choosing a dissertation topic isn’t as easy as one might think. It is the first major challenge waiting for students that intend to do their dissertations. Your topic choice can affect how long it takes to complete your study and the analysis methods you’ll have to employ.

For many students, especially those looking to get a PhD degree in education, it is a difficult decision mainly because of the enormous uncertainty that surrounds it. Students often have to ask themselves questions like:

  • Has my topic already been adequately researched?
  • Is my topic worthy of investigation?
  • How original is my topic?
  • And how well does it relate to a general education degree?

To know if it has been researched or if it adequately relates to your field, you must first understand its literature base. It would be a waste of time to conduct another study about a topic that has been sufficiently investigated.

There are different approaches to choosing a dissertation topic. Most students often think a topic idea will come in a flash of inspiration after a walk in the park or some meditation, but that is often a silly idea. For several reasons, inspiration is not the best approach to topic selection.

Dissertation topics in Education or any other discipline do not magically appear. Also, many students try to find a topic that relates to a set of already-collected and researched data or a preferred research methodology. This is another wrong approach that can lead to troubles down the line when creating your dissertation.

The best and most effective ways to select a dissertation topic include the following:

  1. Use already existing field research

To get a good dissertation topic, look through the scholarly articles in your field and check for areas that could provide solutions to new problems.

In your field research, you should aim to find something that grabs your interest and serves as a basis to challenge old ideas. Sticking to your niche is a vital part of the dissertation process. However, it’s not unusual to pioneer a new area in your current field.

  1. Listen to your supervisor

Education professors in charge of guiding students through the dissertation process may prove to be of great help in selecting a good dissertation topic. They can offer education dissertation ideas that help you settle on a topic.

Choosing one of their suggested topics can be a massive boost for students. In addition, the professors usually have a strong background in the topic and can even recommend source materials for easy research.

  1. Be specific in your approach

To avoid making your dissertation too wide with unnecessary arguments, pick a targeted topic in your field and stick to it. Choosing a particular topic helps to ground you and keep your dissertation succinct. It also provides the opportunity to focus your arguments persuasively.

  1. Consider grant opportunities

If you require an incentive, look for topics that are given financial preference in the form of grants. However, avoid focusing too much on the financial benefits and stick to your area of discipline.

Dissertation topics in Education

If you are pursuing a degree in education, there are numerous education dissertation topics to choose from. Here are some dissertation topics that can be inspiring and useful in education.

Dissertation topics in Higher Education

  1. What is the impact of modern technology on student learning?
  2. Do introverted and extroverted students learn differently?
  3. What anxieties do parents face when sending a child to preschool?

Dissertation in Mathematics Education

  1. What are the benefits of early mathematics education?
  2. How to integrate children with number problems into the classroom
  3. What are the benefits of mathematics games for learning?

Dissertation topics in Nursing Education

  1. What are the effects of anxiety on patients awaiting surgery?
  2. The importance of education and training programs for nurses at work
  3. The impact of effective communication skills for nurses in understanding patients.

Primary Education dissertation topics

  1. The role of teachers in primary classes towards creating a safe learning environment for their students.
  2. Educating children about moral and ethical values in primary school.
  3. A study on how teachers can educate students on racial biases.

Special Education dissertation topics

  1. Impact of speech-language therapists in a learning environment.
  2. The progress of assistive technology in special education.
  3. Innovative methods of classifying learning disabilities for teachers.


Choosing the right dissertation topic is essential for your academic and professional career. It also contributes to how easy it will be to write the paper. Get some helpful advice from your professors and academic mentors on the best way to choose a dissertation project in Education.

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