Psychology Dissertation Ideas & Writing Tips

Are you looking for an amazing topic for your psychology dissertation? Look no further because we’ll show you how to get one.

Psychology is an interesting field that offers satisfaction and a deep understanding of individuals. But, naturally, it involves a complex knowledge area and presents real difficulties for anyone currently studying it.

Writing a psychology dissertation is even more challenging as it requires a complex analysis method. This article will equip you with some psychology dissertation ideas and handy writing tips that can make the process easier.

What is a psychology dissertation?

A psychology dissertation is a well-written academic paper, following extensive literature research and studying scholarly articles. It also involves assembling evidence and clear delivery to readers. To earn an advanced degree in psychology, completing a psychology dissertation is a must.

Usually, most psychology dissertations have an experimental component, which may need the application of experimental methods. Such methods include sampling techniques, surveys, statistical procedures to assess correlation, effect size, etc.

The primary objective of psychology dissertations is to display students’ profound knowledge in the field. It also assesses thought originality, ability to find evidence through corresponding literature, and adequately written communication.

Writing psychology dissertations: what you should know

Most research topics in psychology require extensive research and constant analysis. Furthermore, this research is usually interdisciplinary, depending on the psychology field. Thus, writing psychology dissertations resulting from this research represents a massive effort by psychology students during their studies.

Before starting a psychology dissertation, you need to be very clear about your topic of study. Your topic must also come with research objectives and a clear structure for presenting your topic details.

After choosing your dissertation topic, you will need to write an abstract for your research. Then afterward, an introduction, literature review, data collection, analysis, then a conclusion and discussion. It would be best to seek psychology dissertation help from your supervisor or expert platforms experienced in dissertation writing during the writing process.

Psychology dissertation topics

Although the brunt of the work is involved in the research and writing of a psychology dissertation, choosing a topic is no small matter. Therefore, you would need to have some psychology dissertation ideas to make the process easier.

However, below are some dissertation topics in psychology that can be a good choice for your dissertation writing:

  • The Anxiety Challenges of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Forms of Relapse in Addictive Behaviours
  • Effects of Miscarriage on the Mental Health of Couples
  • The Dangers of Social Phobia and Social Anxiety
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Unidentified Causes
  • The Impact of Divorces on Children
  • Effects of CBT therapy on Hypochondriacs
  • A Study of the Strata of Intelligence Among Addicts and Non-Addicts

Psychology research papers: writing tips

To acquire a PhD degree in psychology, you have to know what it takes to write a good psychology dissertation. It relies on various determinants combined, and you would have to make the right choices to get a good result.

Here are some tips for writing psychology dissertations:

  1. Pick an engaging topic

Naturally, there are several topics in psychology that are undeniably captivating. However, there are just as many that might seem rather boring.

If you have the option of choosing one, it’s best to pick something engaging. However, if you have that choice that rarely occurs, there are many ways to make a less attractive topic interesting.

  1. Examine or create relevant ideas

Your general writing ideas define your content, so ensure you think up controversial or shocking questions. Don’t shy away from proposing arguments and changes in common behaviours. You can look through psychology dissertation examples that offer direct inspiration for a better idea.

  1. Conduct high-quality research

Trusted sources must be utilised and well-referenced during your psychology dissertation writing to prevent plagiarism. Getting quality research is excellent, but you also need to convey its messages correctly. Therefore, when reading and referencing already written articles, look out for citation metrics to produce an overall breadth of quality writing.

  1. Write your points informatively

When writing your dissertation, ensure you represent your researched high-quality content in the correct language, style, and professional terms. Also, maintain a good dissertation structure with clear hypotheses, a good introduction, and a purposeful conclusion.


Psychology dissertations are not as easy as they look to create. However, if you’re interested and invested enough in your topic, the process becomes more efficient. But still, not every student possesses the writing skills to develop a good dissertation. However, with these tips mentioned and with a bit of passion and determination on your side, you can complete your psychology dissertation with little fuss.

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