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Since the 3-day PhotoReading Binge is over, the sessions are no longer available for free. You may upgrade and order your personal set of recordings. Your Upgrade purchase comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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The PhotoReading Binge is based on Paul R. Scheele’s PhotoReading personal learning course, and you can order the full course right now so you can immediately learn to read with speed, comprehension, and enjoyment.

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  • 8 CDs to help you learn PhotoReading on your own time, at your own pace
  • Memory Supercharger Paraliminal to help remember everything you read
  • PhotoReading book
  • Natural Brilliance book

Order today to receive all of the following, which is not part of the PhotoReading Binge:

  • 74-page Course Manual
  • "Fast Finish" sessions of all training sessions to make review easier
  • $50 Tuition Certificate for seminars in the USA and Canada

How does digital work?

You can order the Upgrade as either CDs, which will be delivered to your home, or as digital downloads available through your online Library.

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The Manual will appear as PDF files. You can read these on your computer or devices, and you can print them.

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Hundreds of thousands of the systematic and easy-to-follow PhotoReading self-study courses have sold for as much as $245. Today you can order the course at the price of:

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PhotoReading's unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently—without speed reading—wins praise from people wanting to get on top of information.

These sessions – designed around what folks need to maximize their potential – distill Paul Scheele's 40 years of professional experience working with countless individuals to help them achieve more…in less time…with greater enjoyment and satisfaction.

You're getting the best of Paul Scheele! His expertise in NLP, accelerated learning, preconscious processing, and universal energy… his unique ability to bring it all together in a way that is practical and realistic… his commitment to YOUR transformation… it all makes him a unique mentor from whom you can learn, grow, and maximize your potential.

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"Thinking at 25,000 words per minute," wrote City Business
"Evelyn Wood wouldn't do it this way," wrote Boston Globe
"A breakthrough method using your subconscious," wrote Success Magazine
"A shovel for the mountain of paper," wrote The Business Journal
"Right-brain reading lifts info overload," wrote Calgary Herald

Upgrade today if you want to:

  • read more easily with better understanding.
  • improve your memory and sharpen concentration.
  • increase your productivity.
  • invent whole new perspectives and approaches in life.
  • propel yourself to new levels of personal performance.
  • create more time in your day.
  • catapult yourself into a bright future.
  • enhance your intuition and develop your true potential.
  • get through information at least three times faster!

TV News investigates PhotoReading
"Breakthrough or Gimmick?"

Television and radio ads blared for days, "PhotoReading: is it a reading breakthrough or just another gimmick?"

Emmy Award-winning television anchor Gary Rebstock investigated the PhotoReading whole mind system during the ratings sweeps only to be amazed at what he personally learned. He televised an unprecedented 6-minute news report about his positive personal experiences.

Rebstock interviewed Matt Haug. "Matt says it's given him so much confidence that at school he's gone from a C grade average to an A average."

Rebstock also interviewed Dr. J. Michael Bennett, then a professor at the University of Minnesota, one of the few scholars in the world with a doctorate in reading. He wrote a top-selling book for the American Management Association called Efficient Reading for Managers. Bennett got so excited about PhotoReading that he immediately enrolled in a PhotoReading seminar.

And here is what Professor Bennett said after he learned PhotoReading...

"PhotoReading combines all the most efficient reading strategies—proven in university studies over many years—with what is now known about the phenomenal perceptive capabilities of the human brain.

"It is undoubtedly the best accelerative reading improvement program available today. And, it is presented so that the average person can benefit immediately, and for a lifetime."

While this news report aired some time ago, it remains as relevant today as then. You can watch it here:

Your brainwave activity changes immediately
when you PhotoRead, allowing greater speed and focus

Brainwave Activity GraphYou can see in the chart how brainwave activity instantly changed when a student began PhotoReading during a special session taped for a United Film & Television documentary called "Genius."

The dark areas show brainwave activity while the student was "regular" reading. The lighter area shows activity while the student was PhotoReading. Notice how the change happened immediately. It is like plodding through a dense forest and then running through an open field. "Mental chatter" disappeared as the PhotoReader instantly expanded the capabilities of his mind.

This highlights yet another way that PhotoReading is different than regular reading and different than speed reading. PhotoReading allows you to process information in a way that is more compatible with the tremendous powers of your brain.

With that said, the true power of PhotoReading does not come from some fancy chart, but from using the system. PhotoRead to build knowledge and you will earn rewards such as more time, money, respect, and confidence.

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